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When it comes to the new generation of Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) devices or Subtle Energy Revitalization Platforms (SERP), there are many choices and many opinions on which is the right machine to use. I have tried FIVE different models ranging from $8100 all the way up to $38,000.

These newer MWO and SERP devices have advanced and improved upon the work of Tesla, Lakhovsky and Royal Raymond Rife. Some have even leveraged today’s leading edge technologies to enhance and perfect these legacy technologies.

Note: The newest device, the Biocharger™ NG is solid state and digital, providing a much cleaner and precise energy than all previous Multiwave Oscillators and SERPs that still use antiquated spark gap. It’s like comparing a digital transistor and Integrated Circuit Computer to a Vacuum Tube Computer. There just is NO comparison.

The most advanced pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) systems can provide 3 types of healing energy: monochromatic light therapy (photon therapy), electric field therapy (providing a wide range of voltages), and electromagnetic therapy (providing a rich spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies). Other benefits include ozone therapy, plasma gas technology, non-invasive (wireless) therapies, micro-current technology, and more.

Compared to the original MWO device by Lakhovsky, the new models have a wider range of frequencies, richer harmonics, include light spectrums of essential elements, and provide stronger voltage options. With the introduction of SERP’s it’s even more apparent that there is substantial advancement in these hybrid technologies.

History of Multiwave Oscillator Technologies

8666317The history of this technology follows several paths, through the work of distinguished scientists, inventors and researchers across the globe, primarily in the first half of the 20th century.

They include Serbian-American physicist, inventor and electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla; Russian scientist, engineer, inventor and author Dr. Georges Lakhovsky; and American scientist Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. While there is a long list of names, these 3 remarkable scientists and engineers are the pillars for the development and evolution of energy medicine.

Tesla did have several devices specifically for healing the body, must notably his Violet Ray Machine which is still available today. He was also instrumental in help Georges Lakhovsky develop the original multiwave oscillator.


Dr. Georges Lakhovsky

2375874Through his research from 1920-1940, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky outlined the concept that living cells emit and receive electromagnetic oscillations at their own high resonant frequencies. Furthermore, he described how living cells could be corrupted by pathogens, thereby causing interference with the normal oscillations of cells.

Dr. Lakhovsky used technology originally invented by Tesla in 1898 (the Tesla Coil, a high-voltage, high-energy electromagnetic coil) and paired it with the MultiWave Oscillator (MWO). In 1925, Dr. Lakhovsky began using Argon gas in copper tubes for the antennae of his MultiWave Oscillator.  He found that certain inert gases, when charged by high frequency currents, helped stimulate cellular development and regeneration by speeding up detoxification.

With the MultiWave Oscillator, Dr. Lakhovsky conducted human clinical research in Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, France, and New York City.

Remarkable results were obtained from a seven week clinical trial performed at a major New York City hospital and with a prominent Brooklyn urologist in 1941.

Royal Raymond Rife

2652081Dr. Royal R. Rife was a brilliant, passionate scientist who lived from 1888-1971. Dr. Rife discovered that every virus, bacterium, parasite and pathogen is sensitive to a specific frequency of sound and can be destroyed by intensifying that frequency until it literally explodes, much like an intense musical note that can shatter a wine glass. He called this the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR). To disintegrate the microbes, Rife invented what he called the Beam Ray machine (also known as a Rife machine).

In the summer of 1934, Rife assembled a team of very prominent physicians and scientists from the leading research facilities at the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, north of San Diego. They were from prestigious research universities such as the University of Southern California (U.S.C.), and Northwestern University in Chicago. Their methods and instruments were refined over the next four years.

Advancements in Technology – High Voltage Tesla Devices (HVTD)

7494904Although the Biocharger™ is based on the science and inventions of Tesla, Lakhovsky and Rife, it is much more advanced and effective than the original devices and includes many changes and improvements.

For example, the original MWO developed by Lakhovsky used two coils, and the patient would sit between them. It was later discovered that the receiver, or non-electrified coil, was not necessary since the person was the receiver. So it was discovered that only a transmitter was needed.

Dr. Lakhovsky also believed that the more harmonics that could be created, the better the results. He began by using Argon-filled copper to enhance the field of energy.

Today we have taken this technology to the next level by using a full spectrum of special gases with our proprietary blend and exclusive tube design, which represents the most advanced equipment in the industry today.

The term High Voltage Tesla Devices (HVTD) is used in this review to distinguish the newer generation and more powerful multiwave oscillators from the original Lakhovsky models.